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FIDO Folly



Regarding your recent article about the dog park at the mouth of Parley’s Canyon [“Outbarked,” News, Dec. 16, City Weekly]: Can someone from FIDOS please explain why it is the government’s responsibility to provide you with an area where you can let your dog run free?

What the members of your organization pay in taxes does not even come close to covering the cost of maintaining all of the dog parks in the Salt Lake City metro area, so, once again, why is it the responsibility of taxpayers who do not own dogs to subsidize your exclusive dog-oriented recreation areas?

What’s next, free bags of Eukanuba delivered to your homes, paid for with tax monies collected from people who do not own dogs?

Are thinly veiled threats directed at elected officials by FIDO members really the most civil and effective manner to get your message out and garner support from people outside of your organization?

Grant Johnson
Salt Lake City