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Flawed Arguments


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I have to question the legitimacy of policy arguments from the right wing when they are so insistent on, well, making things up. Ken Thomas (“Checkmating Obama,” Letters, Oct. 8, City Weekly) is a prime example of this really bad habit of conservatives.

Obama won the election by 8.5 million votes. That’s not just large, that’s huge, and the most votes for a presidential candidate ever (Bush claimed a “mandate” in 2004 when he won by 3 million votes). And the breakdown was 53 percent to 46 percent, not the 52/48 claimed by Thomas. And by the way, I believe a total of 24 voter fraud cases have been brought across the country in four years, so the importance conservatives give to ACORN is just a red herring. That’s a lot fewer than the tens of thousands of voters wiped arbitrarily off the rolls by Republican officials in Florida, New Mexico, and Ohio in 2004 and 2006.

Obama is no messiah. That’s another inflammatory description by conservatives. And yes, Bush made a mess of things; we only hope that Obama can help put it all back together again.

And Mr. Thomas, you and your kind willingly gave up most of your constitutional rights to Bush and Cheney. We reclaimed our country in 2008, just in time. I hope there is enough left to save.

Tom Iarossi
South Jordan