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Flogging St. Patrick

8 'Irish' bands to book



Eight “Irish” musical acts still very much available to book for your St. Patrick’s Day bash:

8. MC Danny Boy-eee & DJ O’iPad: The LepreCrunk Xperience

7. The Dirty Mother Fookers: Punk-Irish Party/Fight Band

6. Haggis Sabbath: The Gaelic Blitz of Ozzy Hits

5. Black & Tan: Comedy Duo Specializing in Racist Jokes & Songs

4. The Blowtards: Bagpipe Troupe for Those Who Don’t Get the Difference Between Irish & Scottish

3. Celtic Woman-in-Transition: Pre-Op Transgender Drag Show & Acapella Group

2. Guinness & Levitra Present: The Middle-Aged Dubliners

1. The Flogging Dropkick Molly Murphys: A Tribute to the Bands You Can’t Tell Apart When Drunk

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