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Food for Enquiring Minds



I liked John Saltas’ discussion about Drudge and the Huffington Post, and share his discomfort with both [“No News Is No News,” Private Eye, Aug. 5, City Weekly]. Like him, I’m somewhat of a news and opinion junkie. I prefer reading to watching TV news.

Fifteen years ago, when I was living in Miami, I met Arianna Huffington at a conservative colloquy. She was, then, posing as a conservative. After her conversion to the left, I have always wondered about the strength of her convictions (whatever they be) being subordinate to her yearning for celebrity. is more solid than Drudge for conservative news and opinion; also, the Wall Street Journal opinion pieces: Peggy Noonan, James Taranto and Dorothy (Pulitzer) Rabinowitz, Dan Henninger and others are top notch.

I get substantive opinion on the left from my subscriptions to New York Review of Books, London Review of Books and the Atlantic Monthly. Ronald Dworkin, Tony Judt, Garry Wills and Ahmed Rashid are examples of many talented writers, deeply ensconsed in the “educated class,” who write for these publications. Each of these publications has daily Internet updates available to hard-copy subscribers.

The New York Times, unfortunately, has morphed from “all the news fit to print” to a poorly written, mistake-ridden, fact-challenged, left-wing propaganda sheet. No wonder it is losing readers and advertising. On its opinion page, its “conservative” columnist, David Brooks, is best known for swooning over the perfect crease in President Obama’s pants.

Notwithstanding the derisive scorn coming from the educated class for the National Enquirer, that weekly paper rarely has to (unlike The New York Times) make a retraction. It has done a great job in exposing the perfidy and hypocrisy of politicians, left and right. I proudly throw it down on the supermarket checkout belt for all to see.

Steve Taylor
Park City