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Foodie Courage

Anthony Bourdain ticket offer brings brave souls to the table.



City Weekly readers eat the damnedest things, or so we learned when food critic Ted Scheffler offered VIP tickets to Anthony Bourdain’s upcoming show at Abravnel Hall June 19 [see “Win VIP Tickets to Anthony Bourdain,” June 3,] to one lucky person who answered the following question: What is the most interesting and/or exotic thing you’ve ever eaten?

“On a trip to Thailand last fall I ate a grasshopper, cricket, scorpion, silkworm pupa and ants,” Jessica Sims wrote. “They had been fried and I bought them from a street vendor. They weren’t terrible, but not something I want to eat very often.”

Jane Bauer ate another kind of hopper.

“I’ve … cooked ... kangaroo myself for a Leap Year dinner. Everything in that dinner originally had movement,” Bauer wrote. “We started with frogs leg salad, spring rolls, rabbit stew, kangaroo tenderloin, and spring form cake.”

And the worst, as judged by Rant Control? Pig brain.

“When I was 19 I killed a rattlesnake in Southern Utah, skinned it, breaded and fried it. Its really tough but tastes great,” wrote Mark Benson. “I ate pig brains on Thanksgiving and they were like fluffy, velvety clouds of pork lovin’!”

As for Rant Control, while in Ghana I ate a small portion of what the locals call “grass cutter,” some bigger-than-a-rat vermin from the bush. It was very gross.

Jesse Fruhwirth: