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For Whom the Bell Tolls



Monday’s post on Brandon’s Big Gay Blog ( regarding news that Sept. 21 has been set for the date of the D.J. Bell trial attracted a fair number of comments.

Bell and his partner Dan Fair were beaten to a pulp, apparently by a bloodthirsty mob amid homophobic accusations in the early-morning hours of July 4, 2008, after the neighbors’ two small children ended up at Bell and Fair’s residence while what sounds like a real barnburner of an up-all-night party raged at their parents’ house.

When police arrived, rather than arresting the assailants, they arrested Bell, who is charged with kidnapping and robbery. Oddly, Bell’s assailants were never charged.

Fgano writes: “This is the type of case the gay community needs to freak out on. If the facts are as presented, that is absolutely horrible, and a gay posse should form and avenge this type of crap.”

Zaza, however, wisely disagrees with such a mob-justice strategy: “So you all think that more vigilante justice is the answer to vigilante justice? That´s the kind of leastcommon-denominator thinking that got these guys’ asses kicked in the first place. How about the police find and prosecute the attackers?”

Finally, MsUtah asks, “Why are the attackers free? Homophobia, plain and simple. People need to educate themselves that homosexuality does not equal pedophilia, starting with the South Salt Lake Police.”

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