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Fourth Street Clinic Fundraiser

“Toast to Good Health” at Log Haven.


Although worthy fundraisers happen on an almost weekly basis, I could give you reams of reasons to support downtown Salt Lake City’s Fourth Street Clinic, which serves homeless Utahns. Our homeless population is growing daily, and women and children are the fastest growing segment of the homeless in Utah—a population forced to delay medical care, exacerbating diseases such as diabetes, and ultimately ending up in the emergency room in a cycle that is both costly and ineffective.

Enter the Fourth Street Clinic, providing critical, ongoing health care and support services to this population. With the help of 300 volunteer physicians and constant fundraising efforts, it costs the clinic $150 for each office visit with a homeless client—a visit that can change or even save a life.

These stark facts lead us back to that fundraiser thing. A $150 ticket will fund one person’s clinic visit and give you the chance to “Toast to Good Health” on Friday, July 16, at Log Haven. You’ll get to sample five glorious French wines paired with delectable bites by chef Dave Jones—for instance, the lively, aromatic Perrin Cote du Rhone Reserve Blanc with a taste of summer in the form of a fresh apricot Waldorf salad. And you’ll swoon over the sultry Andre Lurton Chateau de Rochemorin with a roasted lamb rack chop under a seductive dollop of buttery St. Agur cheese. You in?

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