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Funeral for the Future

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This week, join Earth activists as they dress in black and mourn a future forsaken by the present’s drill-happy policies. Later in the week, check out a critical Salt Lake County Council hearing to help decide which county to-do projects should receive bond proceeds. Later, attend the Tar Sands Work Party and learn about joining the movement to block the nation’s first tar-sands mine from digging into the natural beauty of southeastern Utah.

Funeral for the Future
Thursday, April 4

The green activists of Peaceful Uprising will be decked out in black as they demonstrate outside the downtown Salt Lake City Bennett Federal Building against a bleak future for the planet. In eulogizing a ruinous future wrought by politicos’ support of disastrous oil-shale and tar-sands development, the Keystone XL Pipeline and other Earth-unfriendly policies, you can learn how to rally today to prevent a worst-case environmental future. Wallace F. Bennett Federal Building, 125 S. State, 801-747-9871, 5:30-6:30 p.m.,

Salt Lake County Council Meeting
Tuesday, April 9

The council needs your help discussing how to use bond proceeds to finance a laundry list of county needs. Should proceeds go toward a new senior- citizens center to be built in Midvale? A new county health building or a district attorney’s office? Show up and speak out about how your taxes get spent. Salt Lake County Government Center, 2001 S. State, 801-468-2930, 4 p.m.,

Tar Sands Work Party
Tuesday, April 9

Utah may be home to the state and the nation’s very first commercial tar-sands mine, plunked down right next to the beautiful Book Cliffs in southeastern Utah. The mining process is new, and activists worry it could be ecologically disastrous to the land, water and local wildlife. Join a tar-sands working group and learn more about the cause and how to get involved. Free Speech Zone, 411 S. 800 East, 801-747-9871, 3-6 p.m.,

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