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Nine websites Gov. Herbert will be looking for in your browser history to further his anti-porn agenda:

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1. Self-frappé.com - For the lover of homemade coffee treats.
2. - Is your donkey overheating? Try our super-cooling new headgear for beasts of burden.
3. - Fishermen everywhere delight in our odor-eating detergent!

Alternate: - Our new bait dispenser will have you knee-deep in tuna.
4. - Small town petting zoo that specializes in young goats.
5. - Need help with those sandwich toppings? Look no further.
6. - Alcohol serving rules database.
7. - Digging? Use our power line database before you start.
8. - Eye-care pro tips from the professional.
9. - Specialty Jamaican-spiced pickles.



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