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Stephen Dark’s Aug. 6 post, “Trouble in Swingtown,” on’s Salt Blog, reports that Utah’s swinging world “is in meltdown.” Dark’s not talking Lindy Hop enthusiasts, but the type of swingers who might “give their daughter a fuck-a-thon for her 21st birthday.” The alleged birthday celebration was criticized on, a site used by Utah’s spouse-swap crowd, prompting a debate between members of the community about who holds the keys to the message board—and who is welcome to the parties.

“I made the mistake of defending someone whom I had never met on Swingular and was slapped down in a heartbeat,” posted catnmouse. She said the self-anointed elite within the swing crowd “have a network better than a Mormon phone tree.”

SassySam says she and her husband “tried out” the Swingular Website. “The 9 to 10 couples who run Swingular seem to think it’s ok for them to bash you, but don’t you dare call them on it or they will go to admin and have you threatened with being kicked off the site.”

JoeSchmo was on the defense, writing “we have not witnessed any of these so-called attacks against you” and “slanderous individuals ... have been disrupting the natural flow of the site.”

catnmouse, “aka April,” posted again, saying she’d been banned from Swingular after posting a link to the Salt Blog post that discusses the swing crowd’s —very public—drama.

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