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Get Over Gay Marriage



I beseech the State of Utah to cease any and all appeals relating to Judge Robert Shelby’s decision striking down Amendment 3, Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage.

The whole situation is an embarrassment to Utah and will be seen as a black mark on our state’s history someday. Gov. Herbert and Attorney General Sean Reyes need a serious reality check. Times have changed. The ’50s are over! Leave It to Beaver is off the air! The writing is on the wall. Marriage equality is coming to the United States. The sooner our leaders grasp this, the better off everyone will be.

And the money being allocated to fight Judge Shelby’s ruling is simply outrageous. It has been estimated that the state’s appeal will cost as much as $2 million. Wouldn’t that be better spent on—I don’t know—our money-starved education system?

It’s time for the State of Utah to join the real world and allow members of the LGBT community to be treated equally under the law, as stated in the Fourteenth Amendment.

Ryan Curtis
Salt Lake City