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Get Pumped, Bro!

Eight gyms for semi-committed New Year’s Resolutioners in 2017



8. Planet Fatass (“The Judgement-Free, Equipment-Free, Salad-Free Zone”)
7. Puke Crossfit (“Surge and Purge!”)
6. Pizzatheory Fitness (“All the Slices You Can Lift”)
5. The BroZone (“The All-Flexing and High-Fiving Workout”)
4. 24-Minute Fitness (“Sorry, We’re Closed”)
3. Krossfit Klatch (“Cute Outfits, Wine, No Workouts and Free Daycare”)
2. The Check-In Gym (“It Only Exists on Facebook. Shame Your Friends Today!”)
1. Existential Lifetime Fitness (“You Could Change … but Why?”)