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Ghost Rider, Cleanflix

New DVDs Tuesday, June 12


Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance - SONY
  • Sony
  • Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Over-the-top-of-the-top Nicolas Cage collides with the directorial magic of Neveldine/Taylor (Crank) and rebel monks(!) in the superhero event of 2012—OK, this and The Avengers, fanboys. If only Eva Mendes had shown up … (Sony)

The true story of Utah DVD sellers who scrubbed the sex, profanity and other good stuff out of movies in the name of Family Values. Sure to spark arguments about art vs. morality and Kate Winslet’s boobs making Jesus cry. (

Two prank-playing tire salesmen (Sean Astin and Michael Vartan) are busted down to the secretarial pool by their new boss (David Cross), where they’re forced to respect women and endure other degradations. The tire biz is ruthless. (Anchor Bay)

Episodes: Season 1
A British husband & wife writing team sell their U.K. comedy to Hollywood, which, of course, dumbs it down and casts Friends’ Matt LeBlanc (expertly played by Matt LeBlanc). One of the funniest shows you never saw last year. (Showtime)

Kill Speed
Partying pals bankroll their Hollywood lifestyle by flying in meth from Mexico on high-tech airplanes—what could possibly go wrong? It’s the action flick absolutely no critics are calling “Top Gun meets The Fast & The Furious.” (First Look)

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