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Gift Guide 2015

More than 80 ways to give to the people you love (and buy local)

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The Gift of Giving

The air is cooler, the streets are filled with traffic and colored lights shimmer on houses and trees in anticipation of the big event. The days are ticking by, and it's "game on." What game? Holiday shopping. We're all faced with it, but it doesn't have to stress us out—not with the many appealing, eye-catching gift ideas in City Weekly's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.

For the past nine months, I've had the fun job of writing City Weekly's Shop Girl column. For this issue, I've shopped hard (hey, someone has to do it) and, along with my collaborator, Lindsay Larkin, have done the legwork for you, to discover unique and thoughtful ways to acknowledge important friends and family in your life.

Sure, you could hit the box stores or order online—but why would you, when you can soak up the creativity and diversity local retailers have put into the shopping experience for you? We've assembled more than 80 ideas in this guide—from $8 to $119,900—all handpicked from locally owned businesses. The Local First folks remind us that each dollar we spend locally, as opposed to in a big box or chain, is four times more likely to get recirculated back into our local community.

The guide's 12 categories cover a variety of recipients—from family members and spouses to co-worker and hostess gifts. No, we don't have a teacher or postal-worker category, but you might find something for them here, too.

Beyond packages wrapped up in a nice bow, the greatest gift we can give is time spent with loved ones. We hope these gift ideas can shave off hours spent on aimless shopping and allow you lavish it on those you care most about.


Cheers to the "Gift of Giving."


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