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Go Web, Young Man



I have managed to eke out a living as a filmmaker for about 30 years now, so I know something about the demise of art houses and independent film [“Something Wicked This Way Comes,” July 30, City Weekly].

Independent film will survive for only one reason: the Internet. Computers and HDTV are quickly merging, and if indie filmmakers don’t jump on that train, they are going to get flattened by it. 

Use the more than $25 million proposed for the downtown film center (which won’t work) to create something new: a worldclass Web presence like none other, a place that streams HD, has online classes and social networking.

Make it a place where one can see lectures from the masters, read thoughtful film criticism or watch webisodes.

Make it a home to worthy films that don’t get seen—a place with contests, and festivals, industry legal advice and a billion other things not yet thought of. That is the future.

Trent Harris
Salt Lake City