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God the Sports Junkie


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D.P. Sorensen wondered whether God does evil things (earthquakes, cancer, etc.) because he is too busy to manage things properly, or whether he does evil on purpose (has a plan) [“The Man with a Plan”, Jan. 21, City Weekly]. In the end, Mr. Sorensen accepts the “has a plan” theory .

I disagree. It is clear that God is way too busy, and the reason, of course, is sports. In every football game (and a hundred other sports), the players pray, cross themselves, and point to heaven when they make a miraculous play. Some even have Bible verses written on their faces. And the fans are just as active, doing all of the above, and some carrying placards saying, “John 3:16.” No wonder God cannot get around to the important things—he is too busy weighing all the devotion and trying to decide who should win.

If we ban religious rites at sports events, God would have an excess of time, and diseases and disasters would vanish in a flash.

Ben Coke
Salt Lake City