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Golfing God



I wholeheartedly agree with Ben Coke [“God the Sports Junkie,” Letters, Feb. 4, City Weekly]. Heavenly Father is indeed a sports addict and would probably appreciate Sundays off like everyone else. In fact, the notion of the Sabbath emerged as a solution when, on one of those waytoo-busy Sunday mornings for him, Heavenly Father wondered how he could have the golf course free of Christians (including Mormons) on Sunday and have it Jew- and Seventh Day Adventist-free on Saturday … call it “course-population management.”

The sporting events that Coke suggests we make free of religious rites are themselves religious ritual events. This is not good in Heavenly Father’s view. This is why he created Black Sabbath as the secret holders of his one true doctrine, a church with followers who know how to handle their lives without having to constantly badger him, or Heavenly Mother, for assistance.

Russ Millham
Salt Lake City

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