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Goodbye Jim



What memory of Jim Rizzi’s 10 years at City Weekly will stay with you?

Rachel Scott: At every company party he would buy all the employees a round of Patron. Thanks, Jim!

Elly Green: I had a crazy guy at the front desk yelling and demanding money for some cigarettes. I was so scared I ran up to Jim’s office. Without question, he came down and gave the guy a dollar and told him to never come back. He was my savior that day and I will never forget it. I will miss you, Jim!

Larry Carter: The red vest at the City Weekly holiday parties.

Susan Kruithof: What, are you trying to make me cry? His smile and his laugh. Too many great memories, but all of them have that smile and laugh. I’ve heard more laughs than “fuck”s from his office, and that’s a winning record in my book. I’m going to miss you!

Paula Saltas: 1. He fired me as the sexual harassment coordinator. 2. Double dating to the yurt for Valentine’s dinner. Jim and John froze to death and bitched the whole way up the mountain. 3. Camping trips: His “roughing it” is pulling up in a big RV. 4. His famous Patron shots.

Cody Winget: The time he and I went to the Bambara bar on the first night of the NCAA tournament a few years ago. It’s not often your boss tells you to leave work a couple of hours early so you can go drink and watch sports with him.

Scott Renshaw: It all just becomes one big time-lapse montage of the paper getting better and his hair getting grayer. I suspect the two are related.

Colin Wolf: I haven’t known Jim long, but I’m pissed he’s leaving because now I’ll never have the opportunity to casually call him Jimbo in a conversation.