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Government Shouldn't Run Health Care



In “Us vs. Them” [Letters, Sept. 3, City Weekly], Paul Ames must be getting his information from an erroneous source. The last New York Times poll reported 71 percent of Americans oppose government health care.

The pharmaceutical companies just cut a behind-closed-doors deal with the Obama administration to the tune of $80 billion dollars. But that is beside the point. Medicare is broke and broken as well as Medicaid, Veterans Affairs, Indian Health Care and, of course, Social Security. There is a saying on the reservations: “Don’t get sick after June.”

The government-run health care for our American Indians is terrible and that is being kind. No one debates that our health-care system needs to be fixed. But letting the government do it is definitely not the answer.

It’s often been said, “The best prophet of the future is the past.” The government has yet to operate one program effectively or efficiently. Do we really want it anywhere near our health care?

Rick Taylor