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Government Waste

Suggestions on how D.C. can trim the fat


What’s the biggest waste of government money?

Jeff Reese: Colombian escorts.

Alissa Dimick: Busting our chops for marijuana. It’s not a big deal and—let’s face it—they’d be a lot happier if they took a puff or seven. Just let us be.

Colin Wolf: One could say the Department of Homeland Security is a huge waste of money. But since they’re probably reading this, one would be foolish to say so. In summation, Homeland Security rules!

Paula Saltas: $10 million for the Pakistani Sesame Street, SimSim Humara. Nothing against Big Bird, but seriously? We sure have a great relationship with that country that knew Osama bin Laden was close by.

Scott Renshaw: It’s not government money, it’s our money! Damn, where’s a picket sign when you need one?

Derek Carlisle: Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration, the PATRIOT Act, President’s Surveillance Program and anything that George W. was involved in. We should act like it never happened but never forget that it did.

Kolbie Stonehocker: Abstinence-only sex education, continually trying to re-define the word “rape” and refusing to quit trying to control women’s bodies.

Jerre Wroble: Ad campaigns imploring me not to drink and drive, smoke, do drugs and/or hang out in the sun. But they must be effective, right, because no one drinks/drives, smokes, does drugs and goes out in the sun anymore.