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Green Lantern: Accessorizer

8 Green Lantern facts



Eight facts to know about Green Lantern before you see the movie, opening June 17:

8. Hal Jordan derives his powers through an alien ring, so he’s technically more of a super-accessorizer than a superhero.

7. He’s powerless against the color yellow; Green Lantern is routinely defeated by nemesis Dr. Bananaman and his sidekick, The Golden Shower.

6. He’s not related to the Green Arrow, the Green Goblin or the Green Hornet, and it’s racist of you to even ask.

5. The oath, “In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight,” was lifted directly from Rush’s 2112 album (the Green Lantern Corps are big fans).

4. Hal Jordan’s girlfriend, Carol Ferris, has also never Tweeted naked pictures of herself, according to her agent.

3. With the ring, Green Lantern can construct virtual weapons like swords, machine guns and ridiculous six-pack abs.

2. Subway became Green Lantern’s fast-food sponsor after Green Burrito and Cee-Lo Green’s Waffle Xpress declined.

1. If Green Lantern becomes a summer blockbuster, Aquaman could be next. Consider that, consumers.


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