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Greg Hahn

Friday 1.8



Greg Hahn has the absurd charisma and extrovertedness that you wish you had, if only you could take yourself a little less seriously. How many people can unabashedly say “Boink,” flail madly or break into an impromptu horse-riding session, in front of a full audience—and all without drinking? OK, I don’t know Hahn’s pre-stage habits, but he occasionally jokes about being pulled over while drinking—O’Doul’s, that is. He takes pride in using appropriate material and catering to everyone—tough in an industry filled with everything from raunch to racism. Your mom might blush, but only a little—probably because “he’s so darn cute,” with his boyish antics.

Equipped with punchy wit paired with erratic movement, Hahn’s stage presence is big, goofy and unpredictable. That’s what you get with an ex-Marine who couldn’t take a mundane 9-to-5 life. His cubicle was probably like a ready-to-boil teakettle. Since settling into a more suitable profession, he has graced—term used loosely— the stages of Late Night With Conan O’Brien and Comedy Central’s Make Me Laugh and also recently appearing in the independent mockumentary Change Your Life.

Don’t you hate the punch-line ruiners? Well, I’ll leave his repertoire a surprise, but expect lots of energy. One-liners abound, because Hahn can’t wait to get to the funny. Or maybe it’s just ADHD. Or maybe it’s quaffing copious cups of java. You might want to drink a pot of coffee to keep up with this wiseguy.

Greg Hahn @ Wiseguys Trolley Square, 505 S. 600 East, 801-532-5233, Jan. 8-9, 7 & 9 p.m.

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