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Guilty Conscience


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When I was watching the news and heard Christopher Wright was found guilty [in early May of murdering Springville businessman and coach Kenneth Dolezsar three years ago in the parking lot of a Village Inn in Sandy], and he stated he was innocent, the judge told him he needs to take responsibility for his actions.

That’s the same thing the judge told my son who was wrongly convicted of something he didn’t do. The judge told him if he didn’t admit to something he did not do, he was going to put him in jail.

Just because a jury says you’re guilty doesn’t mean you’re guilty. How many people have spent years in prison for things they didn’t do, because the jury said they did—hundreds that you know about, probably thousands that you don’t know about.

So my question is: When are the judges, prosecutors, police and juries going to take responsibility for their actions when they destroy innocent people’s lives? Maybe we should throw them in prison and destroy their lives.

Shirley Higley
West Valley City