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Happy, Healthy Pets

If you're a pet-lover who worries about the wellness of your pooch, look no further.


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If you're a pet-lover who worries about the wellness of your pooch, check out Healthy Hemp Pet Co., which offers pet supplements fortified with high-grade cannabinoid (CBD) oil extracted from industrial hemp. Made in the United States from ingredients pets love, including mussels, garlic, ground chickpeas and salmon oil, these supplements are the perfect way to keep your furry friends happy and healthy.

Founder Dave Merrell started the company while caring for his two Airedale terriers, Che and Mya. When she was a puppy, Mya suffered from severe hip dysplasia. The options were invasive surgery or a daily dose of an anti-inflammatory with potential harmful side effects, neither of which appealed to Merrell.

As Merrell began researching healthier treatment options, he discovered the benefits of CBD for animals. Studies show that CBD—a different compound than THC, which causes the experience of being "high" when using marijuana—has health benefits when used as a supplement for dogs. CBD treatments can help dogs with a myriad of issues, including cancer, long-term pain management, low appetite, heart health, brain health and even mood disorders.

He ordered some products for Mya, but soon discovered the pup didn't really care for the flavor. This inspired him to try making his own from high quality ingredients sourced in the U.S. Wanting to avoid hemp from China, which is frequently tainted with pesticides or heavy metals, he found a hemp grower in Colorado. He also started looking at ingredients to treat hips and joints. Using the advice of a trusted veterinarian, he spent about a year perfecting the formula for his dog biscuits, resulting in a product that is both healthy and tasty for pets.

"There are no fillers in these products," he says. "Everything in them has some health benefit for your pet." Green-lipped mussels are good for hips and joints, he says, as is the wild Alaskan salmon oil.

Merrell first started selling products online in late 2015, and slowly expanded to pet stores and veterinarian offices in Utah, Arizona and Colorado. "I love helping dogs," he says. "We get these testimonials from people who have tried the product about how well their dogs are doing, and it's blown me away." The business has gone so well that Merrell has brought on a partner to run business operations as the company expands.

Healthy Hemp Pet Co. offers dog biscuits, "felixir" for cats and a soothing topical balm that can also be used on humans. Additionally, they're working on producing hemp oil drops and spray, as well as biscuits for horses. Their products can be purchased from their website or a wide range of pet stores across the Wasatch Front.