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Hardly Art

Eight Utah “state works of art” that deserve as much designation as the Spiral Jetty


8. Lucky 13’s “Big Benny” burger, if size is a qualifier.
7. The Summum Pyramid, aka “Utah’s Only Legitimate Pyramid Scheme.”
6. The Tree of Utah, aka “Dr. Seuss’ Strap-On.”
5. Vernal’s Dinosaur Garden, featuring historical creatures nearly 6,000 years old.
4. The Heavy Metal Shop hoodie, which represents Utah around the world more ubiquitously than LDS missionaries.
3. The Beaver Taco road sign in southwest Utah … just because.
2. The Coachman’s Dinner & Pancake House sign (though you probably won’t be “pleasantly surprised”).
1. Epic Brewing’s Spiral Jetty IPA, duh.