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Harvesting Activism



This week, make up for your lazy summer by reaping the benefits of an active fall and help with a new project to register fruit trees in the city and collect the fruits that would otherwise go to waste. You can also volunteer to help maintain parks and trails in the city. Later, don’t miss Interim Day at the Legislature and learn about a whole crop of upcoming legislative issues.

SLC Green Fruitshare

The city is filled with fruit trees ready to drop unharvested produce on lawns and sidewalks. Groups like TreeUtah and the Salt Lake Community Action Program want to do something to keep unwanted fruit from going to waste. Volunteers can sign up to register their fruit trees confidentially and allow other volunteers to harvest unwanted apples, pears and other urban produce so that they can go to those in need.
To register your fruit trees or volunteer to help with harvesting and pruning, visit SLCGov.com/node/1656

SLC Parks and Trails Volunteering

The city is also packed with trails, parks and gardens that could always use the help and love of local residents, be it for a Boy Scout project, punishing your kids or simply doing some green-thumb good in your neighborhood. There are regular opportunities throughout the week and weekend, during the day or evening, for groups of a handful or up to 100 volunteers.
For more information on projects,
contact Salt Lake City Volunteer Coordinator Savannah Wake at 801-535-6202 or savannah.wake@slcgov.com

Interim Day at the Legislature
Wednesday, Sept. 18

If you want to speak for or against the laws that may soon govern you, then don’t miss this full day of legislative committees. The Education Committee will discuss teacher preparedness efforts in the morning while the Health & Human Services Committee discusses state and federal health-reform efforts. You can also hear an idea discussed in the Law Enforcement Committee to make police records available in a statewide database, among numerous other proposals for would-be policy.
Utah Capitol, 350 N. State, 801-538-1029, Sept. 18, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Le.Utah.gov

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