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Hatch Taking Liberties



Hatch’s re-election ad quotes Benjamin Franklin: “Where there is liberty, there is my country.”

Hatch voted to liberate banks, Fannie/Freddie mortgage agencies and auto companies from responsibility for stupid mistakes with billions in hard-earned tax dollars. He increased debt limit 16 times ($7.6 trillion), liberating himself and his cronies from fiscal responsibility but enslaving generations of Americans to pay it.

Over 11 years, he introduced the DREAM Act three times to reward illegal-alien youth with in-state tuition privileges while American students from other states pay much more. His defense? “It’s for the kids.” Collegian “kids” can go home and apply to enter America legally.

Hatch’s compassion doesn’t extend to 50,000—and increasing—Utah child victims of identity theft by illegal aliens stealing jobs from our most vulnerable workers—youth, low education, minority, vets and disabled.

“Earmarks,” home projects individual senators/representatives insert into budgets, are calculated to win votes and keep the sponsor in office. Sen. Orrin Hatch was the third most active supporter of earmarks—including the “Bridge to Nowhere.” Hatch voted against outlawing the practice.

Unfortunately, 38 years of Hatch’s leadership have set Utahns with Thomas Paine (Common Sense) responding to Franklin: “Where liberty is not, there is mine.”

Vicki Martin