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Hate to Say I Told You So


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In early November 2008, City Weekly printed my letter “Ike Was Right.” Its main idea was that the financial crisis—just starting then and ongoing for millions of Americans now—was not an accident, but a planned and patiently executed event to dismantle the middle class in America.

I contended that the multipronged attack includes idling America’s workforce through outsourcing, union busting and the ascendance of corporate supremacy.

It is nearly three years later, and it looks like I have my unwanted “told you so” moment. Not only have jobs continued to be outsourced, but outsourcing is widening to other fields, now hitting medical-imagery analysis. The wealth gap is worse than it was nearly a century ago. We are no longer engaged in two wars, but four or five. The 10th anniversary of 9/11 is being used by media and the government as a flag-waving rally to maintain militaristic fervor and that ever-present “us against them” ideal that defines so much of American history.

The tea party has brought the destruction of workers’ rights to levels not seen since the 1920s, while the Democrats—once supporters of labor rights—remain mute, giving their quiet support to these efforts. As planned, the military-industrial complex remains one of the few means of socioeconomic advancement, and our ever-increasing meddling in other nations and the refusal to do the same at home will only increase this trend. To halt the coming disaster, I can only suggest this: Realize that human needs are universal and not a privilege granted us by alleged superiors. We need to identify those who would diminish the lives of the masses to enhance theirs.

It is indeed “us against them,” but the “them” are much closer to “us.”

C. Paul Ames


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