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Hating Your HOA



The tales of homeowners’ associations gone bad got condo owners talking about their own horror stories and lack of control [see “The Condo Republic,” Dec. 22, City Weekly]. No one defended HOA boards’ honor, and many endorsed the idea of creating a state oversight body to rein in misbehaving boards.

“Willowbrook in Murray. No different. Sad,” wrote Concerned Willowbrook. “President MAO ruling the board since 2001-ish.”

“My husband and I live in a complex up in Cache Valley,” wrote Carol Jewkes, “and can see real need for legislation to help solve disputes for condo communities.”

Stan H’s comment suggests an oversight board may have an easy job since so many boards blatantly violate their own bylaws. C.D.F.O. agreed and called for enforcement.

BlackMamba suggested a solution for aggrieved condo owners:

“Find yourself a kick-ass real-estate attorney and pay them to write a letter to the board outlining your grievances and the consequences for their failure to act under Utah state law,” BlackMamba wrote. “And send the bill for legal services to the board, as well. You’ll be surprised how attentive they will become.”
HOA boards are like the Legislature: Only those with the privilege of spare time may serve, and they sometimes do a poor job of representing those who don’t have that privilege.

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