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He a Gold Digger

8 clues your boyfriend's after your money



Eight clues that your new boyfriend might just be after your money:

8. He says he can’t find a job because of “the economic downturn, etc. … You look so pretty today—and are those new shoes?”

7. He insists that SugarMamas.net is just his favorite dessert-recipes site.

6. He lists his last three residences as “Coachella,” “Bonnaroo” and “HempFest 2011 … or maybe 2010.”

5. He says his house is currently “in escrow … or whatever that neighborhood by the train tracks is called.”

4. He keeps asking if there’s any food you’re “deathly allergic” to.

3. He lists his dependents as “Krystal” and “Destinee” and pays child-support in singles.

2. He says he’s running for president as the “Justice Party” nominee.

1. Or as “Newt Gingrich.”

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