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Health-Care Solutions



What's your health-care solution?

Jesse Fruhwirth: Love your neighbor as yourself. We need a universal system in which we all receive the same level of care, regardless of ability to pay.

James Reifenberger: Regulate and tax marijuana, take the proceeds, which would probably top over $14 billion dollars, and pour that into health care. I’d make it available to all who are underinsured or uninsured. That way, all Americans would have semi-equal, high-quality health care, instead of a socialist health care with low-quality services. Whatever is leftover could be put into the national deficit. Voila! Two problems solved with one solution. I’ll be running in 2012!

Lindsay Fenton: Prison. They get free health care in prison, right?

Annie Quan: Whiskey and a multivitamin.

Lara Grant: Don’t get sick! And if ya do, GTFO and go whine to Canada or some other commie country about it! America … fuck, yeah!

Leo Dirr: I pray to be hit by a train and instantly killed before I ever get sick enough to have to enter a hospital.

Kathy Mueller: Fruit, vegetable, green tea, wine. Repeat!

Marty Foy: Clean, healthy, chaste living.

Nick Clark: Pay $600 a month to cover me and my kids in case we get sick. Then, pray to God that we don’t get dropped because we get sick.

Ted Scheffler: Move to Sweden.

Paula Saltas: I don’t care what you say, I’m keeping the baby!