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Helping, Welcoming Hands



What's the nicest thing somebody did to help you get settled in a new city or new home?

Julie Erickson: I received a flight, car, house and paycheck up front. But, that just comes with being a nanny in New York City.

Dan Nailen: The strange hippie/cat lady I bought my house from left behind a portable two-person hot tub in a gazebo in the backyard she’d closed off with particle board. That was nice. And weird. And not very useful in mid-August.

John Paul Brophy: On my last move 28 years ago, I was swapping houses with the current tenants. When the majority of my scheduled, paid help failed to show, the other guy’s crew pitched in to cart both his and my belongings.

Ted Scheffler: When I moved to Utah, the nicest surprise was that no one tried to convert me to the LDS faith. That didn’t happen until I was accosted by a pair of missionaries in Brussels, of all places.

Rachel Hanson: When I got my first apartment, my parents gave me the bulk of their furniture and dishes from the ’60s, which I still use.

Jesse Fruhwirth: I was given a recommendation to read Under the Banner of Heaven before moving to Utah. Pious Mormons seem to hate the book, but I, like most Americans, didn’t appreciate the distinction between LDS and FLDS before reading it, so it was a useful education.

Bryan Mannos: My ol’ man helped me rebuild my leaning garage... Pretty cool, thanks, ol’ man!

Marty Foy: In a moment of desperation—I was poor and hungry—I moved back to my mom’s house two years ago. I’d be an idiot to live anywhere else. Thanks Mom. I love you.