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Here's a Novel Thought



Clovis Lark’s opinions about Jim Catano’s opinions about former household names who no longer matter was a fun letter [“Alternative Meatloaf,” May 17; “Sanity Party,” May 10; City Weekly]. Wrong, but fun.

No, not wrong, as in Lark isn’t entitled to his opinions, but wrong as to suggest that solutions for eliminating gerrymandering will happen without individual responsibility exercised at the ballot box.

His observation that “Change happens from the bottom up” is correct. Most political change occurs from the bottom up, but only if we: 1. aren’t led like cattle by unlimited political ads paid for by billionaires, and 2. get off our butts and actually vote.

Most who read this know that most eligible voters in Utah just don’t vote. Gerrymandering is nasty, but districts are mapped based only on presumed voters, not the hordes of citizens who don’t bother.

Want to really change the outcome in November? Here’s your choice. You can complain about the system, or complain about Utah’s one-party politics, or complain about rigged processes, or quote Pogo that we have met the enemy and he is us. Or you can throw up your hands and give up or—here’s a novel thought—you can make sure you are registered and vote. Even if you aren’t in love with the candidate choices, the more votes that are cast, the less gerrymandering matters and the more elected officials take notice that it’s no longer business as usual.

This November, let’s see how many of you are willing to accept the responsibility the Constitution has charged you with and empowers you to control the results. Vote, damn it.

Stan Rosenzweig
Cottonwood Heights