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Holiday Homelessness



I recently experienced homelessness for the first time in my life with my daughter, Abby, 5, and son, Isiah, 4. We are presently residing at The Road Home downtown, where Christmas and Santa arrived with an enormous sleigh full of memories.

I really want to thank the community for being there for us and giving us a very merry Christmas. Especially the two ladies with the trunk full of pizza, who promised next year to bring breadsticks, too! There will be three empty plates next year, I promise.

All in all, I think Salt Lake City has the most caring and giving people on earth. My kids looked like they were dressed by Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann. Abby and Isiah have learned and witnessed something special.

To all those who gave and took the time to care for us and others, thank you very much for giving my kids a Christmas to remember. My pictures I took will always remind me of the generosity we experienced.

Steve Cordova
Salt Lake City

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