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How Can I Help?



I just read “Dead End” [Nov. 11, City Weekly] and was moved to tears. Illegal immigration has, for me, been an issue that I am continuously changing my opinion about. This story opened my eyes to just how important this issue is, not only to American citizens.

My children are actively involved with the Midvale Boys & Girls Club. It saddens me to think there are children who are this close to my family, and we have no idea of what these children go through daily just to survive. This world is hard, and kids like Jose deserve just as much of a chance as anyone born here. We may not have chosen these “children” who are brought here, but they are here. As far as I am concerned, they are minors, which makes them “our” responsibility.

Is there not some program or policy in place to help these children attain citizenship? They deserve every chance that every other child in the United States deserves. I am speaking, in particular, of children abandoned here.

Sonjia Ogawa