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How have you experienced culture shock?


How have you experienced culture shock?

Doug Kruithof: In & Out burger in Draper—those smiley Stepford Children they hire for the drive-thru sure are frightfully well-mannered.

Derek Carlisle: Moving from Atlanta to Salt Lake—the fry sauce was probably the biggest difference.

John Saltas: When I moved from Bingham Canyon to the Salt Lake Valley, I went from living in a diverse, united community to a place where everyone shopped in different stores and had different barbers. Nobody knew their neighbors, but they knew what church they attended.

Scott Renshaw: I’d say moving to Utah from California qualifies, especially when my first job here was at a company where Atlas Shrugged was on the reading list of “books representing our core values.”

Sarah Arnoff: I learned that it’s important to start with the thumb when counting with your fingers in the Czech Republic. I experienced something similar to the bar scene in Inglourious Basterds, except I ended up just ordering too many sandwiches instead of getting shot.

Lindsay Fenton: I moved from Los Angeles to SLC a few years back. Culturally, they are very, very different. Like, why can’t I buy wine in the grocery store? Why is everything closed on Sunday? What is this white stuff/falling leaves/seasons? You put salt on the ground when it snows? People do their own yardwork? It’s 10 a.m., why can’t I order a mimosa with my brunch? Why are you scanning my I.D.—are you putting me on some sort of government watch list? Where are all these children coming from/is everyone always pregnant? Am I the only Jew in the state?