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Live Music

Humut Tabal, Blood Purge, Curseworship

When: Wed., Jan. 7, 9 p.m. 2015

How to be metal: 1. Name your band after a Sumerian demon that would take souls across the river to the city of the dead. 2. Spell "of" as "ov." 3. Go by names like Njord and Grimzaar. 4. Put together a concept album that's about a "misanthrope in a post-apocalyptic wasteland" who practices dark magic before "transcending the physical and spiritual bonds of the world and of human preconception." In other words, be Humut Tabal, an Austin, Texas-based black-metal trio whose music will batter your eardrums and probably your soul into oblivion. Humut Tabal is on tour in support of their debut full-length, Dark Emporer ov the Shadow Realm—released in June—which features esoteric and infernal lyrics about false gods and "winged helldaemons," guttural growling, truly epic guitar and enough bass to open a portal to hell itself. Blood Purge and Curseworship will open. (Kolbie Stonehocker)

Price: $6

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