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Hurray for War


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It is a good thing, war. For the owners of service and mercenary contractors, it has dumped hundreds of billions of our precious public dollars into their accounts. It has done the same for the world’s most noted bankers, from the Rothchilds on. It has kept stock portfolios of death-industry giants from following housing and pension values. It gives the unemployed a job and a chance to go to college should they survive deployment. It makes for a great entertainment experience on nightly news, not to mention films.

War: It is what makes America great. It is what gives this nation—one that can never be defined by what we stand for but eternally by what we are against—a sense of purpose. Without war, America is lost, an empty shell. Without war, America is a place with no story to tell, no national myth to believe in and most importantly, no one to hate.

May war never cease, may the blood never stop flowing and may the rockets’ red glare never dim in the dawn’s early light. Hurray for war, the only thing America has left to offer the world.

C. Paul Ames