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I Scream for Ice Cream


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Our brilliant Legislature has decided to save almost $2 million by closing several state liquor stores, laying off about 150 workers and cutting back hours on many other profitable stores. The stores being closed make a profit of over $6 million.

When interviewed by the local media, Senate President Michael Waddoups, R-Taylorsville, said “We have no favorite children. We’re making cuts across the board.”

Saving $2 million to give up $6 million is simply mind-bending! It makes me more than a little suspicious of an ulterior Mormon motive. Would Waddoups and his brethren make the same “difficult” cuts if we were talking about state-run ice cream stores? I’d bet my CTR ring they would not. Cries about precious ice-cream scoopers losing their jobs, the heart-wrenching loss of access to ice cream and the financial folly of this outrageous decision would echo across the tabernacle.

Instead of making practical decisions about the real business of our state, Waddoups and his cronies are hard at work in an inane contest to prove that each is the best paternal morality guide for the less righteous.

Bill Davis
Salt Lake City