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I Scream, You Scream

Nine more political ice creams we'd like to see Ben & Jerry's creative co-founder concoct:

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9. Bandied-Randied Paul: Tea Party-flavored with hunks of bandied about pro-life arguments.

8. Plain Palin: A plain but persistent vanilla, with lil' hollow point chocolate bits and wolf hair.

7. Herbert Sherbet: A prune-flavored sherbet with a highway of alleged bribes through the center.

6. Pecan Sandie Sanders: Tanned, golden brown, marshmallow hair fluff and a bit of gritty sand.

5. Half-Baked Biskupski: A new flavor wave that throws out all of the old flavors in favor of the new.

4. Treacle DownTrump: It's poisonous, but you'd still vote for it, right?

3. Candied Carson: A fearsome combo of cotton candy and hard candies from Grandma's purse.

2. Jeb's Juicy Jungle Gum: Bright blue with chewy pink bubble gum, but nothing you'd ever buy.

1. Cored Cruz: Bitter black licorice with a solid core of disbelief.


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