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If you need to find inner peace, what do you do?



Julie Erickson: I release the air bubble from within. Often, it brings me peace, but I’m still trying to dial it in so that others can feel the same.

Nick Clark: Remove myself from anything that plugs in, makes noise or speaks.

Heidi Weggeland: Run to the canyons, find a beautiful spot, sit down and breathe.

Jesse Fruhwirth: I take two shots of whiskey and take a nap, or I take two shots of whiskey and I go for a hike, or I take two shots of whiskey and call my mom.

Susan Kruithof: Usually when I’m straight trippin’, I need to go outside and walk or hike. If that’s not an option, I just pop two Tylenol PMs. I’m pretty peaceful after that.

Jamie Gadette: I do yoga or run to sweat out the negative energy. If all else fails, look to Costanza: “Serenity now!”

Ted Scheffler: I listen to Elvis Presley’s CD collection I Believe: The Gospel Masters.

Works every time.

Jackie Briggs: I used to pray every night as a child, and then I lost my religion and stopped. I’ve recently learned that, if nothing else, saying what you want, out loud to yourself in a quite purposeful way, will help you attain what it is you’re wanting.

James Reifenberger: Jump on my CBR 954RR and go tear up some curvy-canyon roads. Or, schedule a track day at Miller Motorsports Park. Either way, tearing up the asphalt is a great place to find your inner peace!