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Imposed Agendas


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Fathers’ rights should not be used as a means to sidestep the responsibilities a father has to his children beyond that of child support [“Killed For Custody,” Oct. 7, City Weekly]. One very important—and often neglected—responsibility is ensuring a home environment with consistent values and attitudes, even if those values don’t go beyond your standard Ten Commandments.

More to the point, many churchgoing men feel it is their “right” to impose those standards on the new family. Not satisfied with merely being a team player in a family that may not share those values, they use the phrase “fathers’ rights” to push the Mormon agenda. [Editor’s Note: According to those who attend church with him, Dale Jankowski is not a Mormon.]

Dale Jankowski says that fathers “cannot afford to be marginalized by mothers with their own agendas.” This can be read to say “… come hell or high-water, I am going to impose my agenda.” No matter the cost, Mr. Jankowski?

Mr. Jankowski, you may have not pulled the trigge or known of your mother’s intention, but you fought so hard for your “rights” and that fight gave an extremist permission to take away the most precious right the children have.

Now, just like in your marriage, your mother spoke for you.

Shawn McWhorter

Salt Lake City