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Ingrid Betancourt

Saturday Oct. 23 @ Rowland Hall McCarthey Campus



A living symbol of triumph, freedom and the will to live, Ingrid Betancourt survived for 6 1/2 years in jungle captivity under guerrilla fighters of Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FACR). The former Colombian senator was kidnapped Feb. 23, 2002, during her campaign for presidency as a Green. She tried to escape four times and was rescued on July 2, 2008, by Colombian security forces. Of Betancourt, Oprah Winfrey said, “I’ve never heard a more incredible story of survival, of strength, of courage in my life.”

Betancourt’s recent memoir Even Silence Has an End has received international acclaim, and she’s told her horrific story on Democracy Now and on The Diane Rehm Show among others. Tonight, she’ll share a unique aspect of her experience in a discussion titled “The Role Journalists Played During My Captivity, Liberation, and Return to Society,” as part of the McCarthey Family Foundation Fifth Annual Lecture Series: In Praise of Independent Journalism.

Ingrid Betancourt @ Rowland Hall McCarthey Campus Field House, 720 S. Guardsman Way, Oct. 23, 7 p.m., free.

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