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Into the Wood


It´s official: commenters are passionate about wood.

There is no middle ground: Some love wood; some hate it. Dining editor Ted Scheffler’s May 28 review of a Syracuse pizza parlor kicked off the firestorm with a remark that Santa Monica Pizza & Pasta uses a gas-fired pizza oven instead of the wood-fired oven advertised on its menu and its Website. (At time of publication, that site is down, and the URL redirects to a site owned by a Provo-based Web-design company.)

Now, when it comes to information about gas ovens, Ponyhumper is the only source Rant Control would think to consult: “I made a pizza last night in my 500-degree gas oven,” wrote Ponyhumper. “No pizzeria in SLC … can make one as good as we can in our own home.” Sounds very tasty indeed, Ponyhumper!

Laytonian´s comment contained a wonderful description of pasta-stuffed calzones as “spaghetti sandwiches” (urk!), while BlackMamba railed generally against Utah’s “gastronomic hillbillies.”

On the other hand, SBiden loves SMP&P, as does Dr. Lansing, who notes that “True pizza-lovers will understand that wood imparts no flavor.” Laytonian could not let such a bold statement stand unchallenged, however, and shot back, “If you truly cannot taste the difference, that’s a sorry state of affairs.”

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