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Intolerance Cuts Both Ways



I began reading City Weekly about a year ago when I began going to college, and especially since Proposition 8, I’ve noticed a growing resentment for Mormons, Christians and the “religious right.”

I am Christian. I am also for gay marriage. However, whenever I tell any “open-minded” liberal person that I am a Christian, I get “the look.” I imagine it is the same look that one gets when they tell a “closed-minded” conservative that they are gay. Like you have an illness. It seems to me that lately, the only things that liberals will tolerate are liberal ideals, which is odd because that’s exactly what they complain about conservatives doing. Please, all of you “open-minded” City Weekly reading, Obama voting, Sundance going, left-wing liberals, don’t become what you claim to hate the most. Intolerance isn’t just for the conservatives, and equality doesn’t mean reversing the roles that we currently play.

Lance Garcia
Salt Lake City

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