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Invisible Children: The Rescue

Friday, April 25



On April 25, in 100 different cities across the world, thousands of people will unite under a common cause: The Rescue of Joseph Kony’s child soldiers.

Joseph Kony, a Lord’s Resistance Army leader in Uganda, is a global terrorist, wanted by the International Criminal Court for a plethora of crimes against humanity including murder, child enslavement and rape. Notorious for abducting 10-year-old boys for combat and 9-year-old girls for child brides, Kony’s insurgency is spreading. His bloodthirsty army has reached beyond northern Uganda into the Congo and the Sudan, disrupting innocent lives. Peace talks have failed.

To raise awareness, the activist organization Invisible Children is hosting a global rally, and Salt Lake City is an expected guest. Beginning with a demonstration at Rice-Eccles Stadium, participants will “abduct” themselves and leave family photos behind, symbolizing the kidnapping of Kony’s child soldiers. Leaving the stadium on foot, the group will march silently to the Gallivan Center. With sleeping bags and hopeful hearts, the abducted will wait to be rescued and acknowledged. The mood will be somber, the effect powerful. While waiting, protesters will put their pen and paper to work, writing letters to political officials pleading for help. The Salt Lake Rescue has more than 1,000 registered participants at press time, and several cultural and political leaders are expected, including Mary Kay Huntsman. It should be an intense sight.

Make a difference. Save a child. Join thousands of people for the dramatic demonstration.

The Rescue @ Rice-Eccles Stadium to the Gallivan Center, Saturday, April 25, 3 p.m.