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It Was No Big Deal



I wanted to comment on your article “Naked Zeal” [Dec. 17, City Weekly].

When we were teenagers, our parents took us up to the Diamond Fork hot springs pretty regularly during the winter. There were always nude people there.

Because of our age, we thought it was funny; it was no big deal. Nude bathers weren’t flashy about it, they just relaxed and no one ever made an issue of it. Our parents weren’t ones to get naked, but they weren’t worried about those who did. They knew (and so did we) that when we got there, there would probably be naked people.

I haven’t been there for probably 16 years, but it’s no surprise to me that people still do this. If there is a sign forewarning people that there will be nudeness, and you don’t like it, don’t go there.

I think these people getting citations is just wrong—you cannot post a sign that warns of nudeness and then turn around and ticket someone for it; it’s misleading. I hope that one of these groups is able to help these people out.

Great article. I have told my husband about this place (he is not from Utah), and now I can show him the article. I think I will show my parents and brothers, too; we will all get a good laugh.

Nicole Nelsen
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