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It Will Not Be by Force



I read the “Mormons Will Show Missouri” letter to the editor in the Nov. 22 City Weekly. I was appalled at the comparison to the Holocaust, the Jews now living in Israel and the Mormons in Missouri. In the first place, the Jews always have been, and maybe always will be, a persecuted people doing their best to survive. They have never been the aggressors in the conflicts. They were given the gift of the country of Israel after World War II, and the entire world witnessed their horrible persecution and the effort to destroy them as a people. And their entire time there has been fraught with continual attacks and persecution.

Even now, there are constant rockets being shot into Tel Aviv and other cities from the Gaza Strip. The Arab militants continue to barrage and try to destroy them. The Jews have allowed Arabs to continue to live peacefully within the confines of Israel, but no Jews are allowed to live peacefully anywhere in Palestine. Israel as a country has had the courage to stand up for itself and defend its borders and its people.

As to the Mormons, yes, they were a persecuted people, and, yes, they hope someday to return to Missouri in fairly large numbers. We hope to have a temple there someday. Anybody who has half a brain and heart knows that we will never do anything by force nor by the murder or persecution of local residents. We believe that when Christ returns to Earth, many will realize he is their savior. Whoever follows him will establish the New Jerusalem. It will be a spiritual reunion and a spiritual establishment.

Time will prove that Christ is a man of love and peace. Too bad the letter writer, Stuart McDonald, isn’t.

West Jordan