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It's Beer:30 Somewhere

Eight local (and better) brew alternatives for when you can no longer find 3.2 macro beer in Utah.


8. Can’t find Bud Light? Buy Bohemian’s Czech Pilsener.
7. Can’t find Guinness? Buy Epic Brewing Co.’s 825 State Stout.
6. Can’t find St. Pauli Girl? Buy Squatters’ Provo Girl Pilsner.
5. Can’t find Coors Light? Buy Wasatch’s GhostRider White IPA.
4. Can’t find Rolling Rock? Buy Shades of Pale’s Jack Wagon Wheat.
3. Can’t find Heineken? Buy Red Rock Brewing Co.’s Elephino.
2. Can’t find Miller High Life? Buy Park City Brewing’s Hooker Blonde Ale.
1. Can’t find Shock Top? Chill and drink your own urine.


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