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It's Tofu, O'Falafel, ETC.


City Weekly production manager Susan Kruithof has tofu on her mind. She writes: A must-go for tofu lovers is the new It’s Tofu Tofu Grill (6949 S. 1300 East, 801-566-9103). It’s hard to find healthy yet delicious food when you’re on a diet, which I unfortunately am. Luckily, I’ve discovered a tofu lover’s paradise. Tofu and veggies, tofu and seafood, tofu and teriyaki, tofu in a salad, tofu with kimchi … you get the idea. It’s Tofu Tofu Grill’s environment is clean and so stylish, you’ll forget that you’re in a strip mall. I highly recommend the tofu and seafood. The pot comes out boiling, with the seafood cooking inside. It’s a pot of large shrimp and mussels in a wonderful broth—with, of course, tofu. Best yet, no MSG.

CW Classified ad rep. Lindsay Fenton knows her falafel. She says: “I love O’Falafel, Etc. [2100 S. 790 East, 801-487- 7747]. Having been to Israel a few times, I have high standards for my falafel and shwarma, and O’Falafel provides that Middle East fix for me. Its Greek salad is amazing: lots o’ feta, onions, olives, tomatoes, cucumber and leafy greens, with a delicious olive oil-based dressing. The falafel sandwich is also incredible. It’s homemade falafel in a warm, soft pita with yummy condiments. It’s big, too; it will fill you up. The pita is so good— soft, thick and warm. All you need is some hummus and you’re set. The chicken and beef shwarma are also great, and there are lots of traditional and not-so-traditional Middle Eastern menu items, plus some really good-looking desserts. Yum.”

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